CADMill Plant Design System

    CADMill Plant Design System is a database driven AutoCAD based software for mechanical and P&ID engineering. It consist of CADMill Mechanic and CADMill Process modules which are widely used especially within Finnish process industry.

    CADMill Mechanic
    About CADMill Mechanic

    CADMill Mechanic is a database driven AutoCAD software for mechanical engineering. The software provides the user with 3D-modeler, advanced support for mechanical drawings, equipment design drawings, 2D-piping drawings, factory layouts, structural steel drawings and isometric piping drawings

    Software is using SQLite database, where all dimensions and other properties of standard parts and materials are defined and stored.

    Supported standards


    Maintenance functions

    The software is easy to manage and users can configure it to suit their needs. They can e.g. define layer names, colors, line types and line weights to match their company standards

    Main technical features

    - Large library of standards parts and materials
    - Parametric symbols for welding, surfaces, geometric tolerances, piping supports, part numbers etc.
    - Machining details for free holes, threads, center holes, fillets for shafts, keyways etc.
    - Joint reparations for steel and edge reparations for steel pipes
    - Symbols for hydraulics and P&ID
    Mechanical design tools e.g. construction geometry
    Layout and piping design 2D/3D/Isometric
    Primary and secondary pipe supports 2D/3D/Isometric
    - Stairs, handrails and floorings
    Tank and vessel design
    - Steel structures
    Technical calculation
    Automatic generation of BOMs and other lists
    - Generating reports in several formats

    Software license includes also CADMill Reporter reporting tool, which allows user to generate lists and  specifications from the database in several formats.

    CADMill Process