Codemill Privacy Policy

    Add-ins published by Codemill Oy in Autodesk App Store follows the next statements:

    All the data collected by Autodesk App Store (E-Mail, Full Name, Jop Title, Company Name, Country) regarding our Add-ins will remain confidencial and It will used only for statistical purposes or communication with the user. Also It may be used to inform about new applications or promotions.

    Codemill Oy won't share the data collected to any other third party except our authorized resellers who will provide the same protection of that data as we do.

    Codemill Oy will keep record of this data as long as the Add-ins remains published in Autodesk App Store. After the Add-ins is deleted from Autodesk App Store, all the data collected will be deleted.

    The data collected follows the AUTODESK APP STORE -END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT. (